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Sometimes, navigating the unknown can be super overwhelming. I know that’s how I felt when I started this adventure. Since then, I have gained so much knowledge and experience but it took a lot of hours researching and educating myself to get here.

My goal is to save you that time and energy. Helping provide you with the information you need to get started right away. Every family deserves to at least be able to explore their options and I want to do that for you!

Ready to work together? Get your questions ready, grab a pen, paper, and a coffee and let’s get started! 🙂

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Girl Tribe

It's cool MOM is on a mission to help young girls all over the country be confident in who they are.

With society and social media standards, it makes it extremely hard for young girls to be able to accept themselves for who they are completely. Studies have also found that girls are more likely to deal with cyberbullying so having a positive atmosphere where girls support each other online is highly important. 

That’s why we have partnered with Keeks & Lo. A company ran by two sisters, Kennah and Londyn who are on their own mission to support girls in finding and accepting who they are. Together we are building a Girl Tribe where girls can feel comfortable and confident in being who they are while getting the support they need to do it!

For more information about our Girl Tribe, and all the awesome things we have in store you can find out more by heading over to the Keeks & Lo Co website or by clicking below!

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Here at It’s cool MOM we are working hard to help parents build their own tomorrow by providing the resources necessary to give you the flexibility to work from anywhere, do school from anywhere, and travel anywhere!

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*Disclaimer: All education plans and curriculums follow the national educational standards. In building the curriculum outline, in addition to the national standards we also used some of the countries top state standards to build a curriculum that exceeds all traditional state educational standards. In addition, we have educational plans and intent to homeschool forms for the states of Nevada and Ohio.  Please contact me with your state of residence and I can compile information for your specific state’s homeschool guidelines at: